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I’m frustrated

Facebook wants to send me an SMS code to log in, but I cannot receive it.

When I try to log in to Facebook I get the following:

Please review recent activity on your Facebook account
Your account was recently accessed from a location we're not familiar with. For your protection, please review your recent activity to make sure no one is using your Facebook account without permission.

Reviewing your activity takes just a few moments. We'll start by asking you a couple of questions to confirm that this is your account. (If we recognize your computer, you'll be able to skip this step.)

Then I have to get a code sent to my phone and enter it. Problem is, I have a Google Voice phone number listed on FB, and Google Voice can't get messages from SMS short codes (those five digit text only numbers). I can login normally to the Facebook app on my Android phone, but not any computer... Is there anything I can do or anyone I can contact at Facebook? I have tried sending emails to, but they just say that "Our records indicate that there is no disabled account associated with the email address you are using to contact us."
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