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I’m frustrated

My E-mail address was deleted from my FB page- now I can't get in to my account!

Can someone please help me resolve an issue with Facebook? My e-mail address was accidently deleted from my Facebook page, rendering it impossible for me to login now. My friends say my page is there, but they are blocked from viewing it, and I am no longer on their friends list. I know my data is still there, I think I just need someone from Facebook to add my e-mail address back to my account so I can login again. FYI... this happened because my husband was setting up his page and wanted to add our joint e-mail address to his page as a secondary contact, not realizing that it would delete that address from any other account it was associated with. I have sent numerous e-mails and problem forms to them and the only response I got was "sorry, we do not have an account associated with that e-mail address".... I just want to get my access back!
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