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Why Can't I Log in to Facebook? Unique Problem.

Okay, so I have created a Facebook account, and I think I have tried absolutely everything. It's pretty simple what has happened to me. I created an account successfully, but now I can't seem to log in. When I try the first time, it tells me that I need to log in to view the page and gives me a box to type in my password. Then, on every successive attempted login, it tells me the password and email don't match up, even though I know that it does. I have checked caps lock.

I am pretty sure that I have tried everything (I am pretty computer-savvy if I do say so myself), but I may be missing something. I have tried deleting the cookies on my computer, enabling cookies, checking the firewall, restarting the computer, and deleting unused programs. I have searched the web and have not found anyone who has my problem. It seems very unique.

I am running Firefox on Windows XP SP1. I have also tried on IE (I can't remember the version and I don't feel like opening it up). Of course, my firends are irked at me because they keep sending me friend requests and I am not accepting. It is also flooding my inbox, and I can't turn it off because I can't log in!

Any and all help well and truly appreciated.
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