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Why does Facebook make you wait so long before you can log in?

My hard drive light is on solid for at least 30-45 seconds after opening Facebook and it won't give me a prompt to log on till the hard drive is no longer busy. I can't tell if it's loading files on my computer or scanning my computer for some reason.
Of all the sites that require a log in and password Facebook is the only one that does this.
Also, I have a text file with log in's that I "copy" to "paste" to save typing in long logins. (like my facebook login is an email address on Yahoo and getting a "short" one that's unique is nearly impossible.) Once facebook finally allows me to type or paste my log in info it cleared my "notebook" memory so I have to copy again to paste!
I have a fast computer, hi-speed broadband ISP and never have had an account compromised. 45 seconds of hard drive busy and login delay can be equal to 100's of megabytes (1000's?) or a complete quick scan of every file name on my hard drive. McAfee Internet security 2012 can do a quik virus scan in maybe 90 seconds...
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