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Call Intercept DOES NOT WORK

Why does your call intercept feature not work? I get calls EVERY DAY from "unavailable" AND from numbers I have specifically entered on the list of 25 numbers not to let through. You don't make it it any way easy to find a customer service number. You really deserve to lose us as customers. You will lose us as customers this week. Good riddance.
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    There were many problems when Verizon transitioned to FairPoint, not the least of which was Call Intercept or Call Block. FairPoint does not publicize the NEW number you have to call to update blocked numbers and Verizon leads you to assume the old number still works because you csan still enter your phone number and password into the system and add numbers. Of course, Verizon doesn't do anything with those numbers. And of course, neither does FairPoint. Fairpoint does not respond to these blogs of course which doesn't help either. You cannot add numbers online with FairPoint like you can with Comcast's Internet phone (which still has a lousy reputation from what I hear except for this one rather obvious feature). Also, there is a time delay when you try to add numbers on the Fairpoint system through your touchtone phone. Moreover, it does not repeat the number back and drops numbers so you will find yourself frequently hanging up in frustration to try to add the same number numerous times.

    In short, FairPoint is a wretched service, at least in my opinion and our legislators made a whopping mistake letting them take over. In Maine, we just say they were Wicked Dumb.
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