• It would sure be nice to be able to switch documents, photos, and stories to a different section without deleting them.


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    • photos and documents but not stories today. If you contributed the photo and you want to change it to a document open the photo in the viewer and click on the details … (2014-02-27)
  • Document/photo interchangeability; filesize should be 15 mb; doc's should be displayed visually as are photos.

    … is dramatically improving over time. Thanks to dedicated men and women who are making it happen. I wonder if the filesize for documents and photos is the same. Doc's are 15 mb … reading a line of text. In my experience, digital photos or doc's tend to eliminate wildly divergent opinions … (2014-01-14)

  • Editing Tag on Document/photo loaded to person page is problematic.

    photo or document after it has been loaded from the person page and I try and edit the tag the edit box for the default tag is half off the screen either to the lower or upper left. I also cant click in the document to enter the tagging options because the default tag … (2014-01-22)

  • Doucments and Photos links not transferrable

    … is merge, the links to them do not show when viewed in Personal page, yet when in document/page side the link is there. I already cleared the caches. Please recify … (2013-11-17)

    Tags: links, documents, combined, transfer

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    • Not every document/photo is linked, each document has to have tag removed and replaced with new one in order to reconnect. I'm concerned when there's more documents/photos to one person getting lost. (2013-11-17)
    • … today, the PHOTOS links to trees in so called Beta are NOT working. It is already over a month now and grossly overdue. Documents … in albums which are NOT to be deleted. Found the albums to be extremely useful in managing the documents more than the sources can do. I do NOT link the document to ONE person. I link … (2014-01-03)
  • 3 people with incorrect photos on my line, no way to detach, need engineer to send me an email

    … , no way to detach, need engineer to send me an email. 4 incorrect photos on 3 wrong people. Familytree needs a protocol for how to deal … (2013-08-19)

    Tags: familytree, incorrect photos, photos don't require email addresses, cannot tag, cannot email, cannot detach, engineers must solve

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    • … of the Family Tree is to let users collaborate with relatives to make the most correct records (only one per person) for their ancestors by letting all add sources, documents, photos, stories, and make corrections. In order for this SCOE (Source … (2013-08-22)
  • Can a "document" be a photo attachment in the Tree? PLEASE say "Yes!"

    … for a person in the tree? I've heard "something is coming" for documents. I have so many documents that I could add as images right now if it is allowed and encouraged. Any thoughts? What is the latest on this topic … (2013-06-12)

    Tags: documents, photos

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    • … feature is coming, but I don't know exactly when. I have had several people ask about putting documents into photos and I don't really know what to tell you. I do know that documents will act differently since they will show as sources instead of as photos. Personally I plan on waiting until the feature is finished before I upload docs … (2013-06-12)
    • … original journal there. I don't see any reason not to put something like this in several places. The Photos and Stories sections on a Person … and easily accessible to younger users who may not realize that sources and their accompanying documents can and … (2013-06-13)
  • When will FamilySearch Cloud Photos and Docs be able to be attached in Family Tree?

    I can see we are able to upload and documents to FamilySearch.org/photos. How soon will be be able to attach such items as sources in Family Tree? (2012-12-13)

    Tags: photos

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    • … in family tree and use the URL of the location on the cloud storage as the location of the source. This same technique can be used for documents, Photos, or Find A Grave citations … (2013-01-18)
  • Why can't we easily read the titles on the photos now?

    … read the titles on the photos. Even when you click on the pictures, they cover part of the titles. There is important information in some of those titles. Is there some way to bring … (2014-04-21)

    Products: Photos and Stories

    Tags: titles, photos

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    • … that is insufficient to distinguish a long title. There is another thread where there have been complaints regarding truncation of titles. It appears to be occurring in photos and documents (2014-04-21)
  • How do the beta Documents relate to Sources?

    … or PDF as sources. What I am seeing looks very cumbersome. As I see it now in its first day: First, I would have to upload and identify what a document is. Second, I would have to create a source using the URL … . Third, I may yet have to tag the source pointed at the document to events. Maybe I'm not understanding how this meets the need of using documents in our possession as sources. Can anyone please clarify … (2013-10-22)

    Products: Photos and Stories

    Tags: sources, documents, cataloging, library science

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    • … from .jpg and .png files will show up with the photos on the person photo tab, for now. All Documents, PDFs and images will be visible … . It is a work in progress. Right now, it is important to upload and preserve your digital photos and documents. Also, if you have a PDF story, you could upload that as a document … (2013-10-22)
    • … . Right now is seems as if Documents are designed to be a new and separate class of objects from Sources instead of being the in the same class of objects. I just don't grasp how that could happen. Photos and Stories are clearly separate classes. However, I always envisioned uploaded documents to be in the same class as Sources … (2013-10-22)
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  • Photo comments too hidden

    Photo comments are too hidden. Even when I click on a photo I notice I would have to scroll down to see if there are comments and am surprised if I find any. (2014-03-22)

    Tags: photo, comments, familytree, new ideas, comment and discussion count page

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    • … . I have raised an entry on this site regarding the problem this causes when reviewing Photos (and the same for Documents) - but has attracted no comments from the development team and only a few users who share my view of the difficulties this gives in trying … (2014-03-28)
    • … opens up it gives the number for each option. An example: "Photos-3 Documents-1 Stories-5" So let's say you want to show the comments there, you can add a section. An example: "Photo comments-2 Document … (2014-03-29)
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