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I’m excited for it's potential

"Share the Love with your Family" communication is sketchy or impossible

I'm lovin the "Share the Love with your Family" feature, when it works. Great concept, so kudos and thank you. With all the cousin research encouraged now it would be impossible to find any other family member willing to help with the temple ordinances on our own. However, do we have to take it on faith that the person who 'received' the hand off of ordinances really got them? I know the 2 week window is in place, but with just a first name in the "Choose a helper" drop down, with no link to an email or familysearch account I haven't been sure the circle of death delivered the information, or she accepted.
Thanks for coming up with this feature though, it'll be great!
  • This is yet another "campaign" -- an attempt to encourage more members to get engaged in using FamilySearch Family Tree.

    Unfortunately, the "Share the Love" campaign comes close to looking a lot like a scam with the information received by the person you sent it to, since the recipient is not given your information.

    A slight change has been made and now includes the line that indicates you have permission from your intended recipient to send them the message.
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