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I’m frustrated that you can't even report a system fault on the system that faults are supposed to be reported on

***Status on data losses during Get Satisfaction outage yesterday

Please be aware that the 16+ hour "outage" yesterday on the FamilySearch Feedback forum located on the Get Satisfaction servers resulted in data losses.

(Although the site was actually running, I use the term "outage" because the posting and database support functions were not working correctly)

If you created any new posts, or added comments to any posts that had existed prior to the "outage", it looks like all of that has been lost. Of course this would include anything involving descriptions of bugs or faults needing to be corrected, so you will need to repost anything of importance.

This can also be seen where many discussions show a specific number of replies, the actual text of any replies made during the "outage" are not included in the discussion thread.

The following is a response from Get Satisfaction on a case number I opened there:

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