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"View My Relationship" Written Out Like in the App

On the "View My Relationship" option, I would love to have the relationship listed, written out in words, on the desktop computer version like it is on the app on my phone. It is so helpful to not have to count out and guess cousin relationships, especially when they include things like "8th cousin twice removed". I have been getting better at figuring them out through tracing it on the app, but would love for those words to be added to the top of the the chart that comes up on the desktop too. As of right now, I typically just open the person on my phone if its a tricky one and read the relationship there, but that can be a hassle, and I feel like adding the words on the desktop would greatly enhance my ability to understand relationships.
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  • The app is developed by a different group of developers than the web version. FamilySearch is aware of the request but alike everything else, nothing has been published as to when it will be released.

    The web site contains a lot of old code, used in the previous site. As such, there is a push to get that older code, some of which cannot handle the traffic ("unable to scale"), is getting a lot of attention, According to Ron Tanner, some sections are getting additional resources and the hopes are that the new code will be in place "within the year."
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