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3D Virtual data streaming thru family tree roots

I have an idea for data streaming of genealogy records in the form of a virtual tree. Companies like DatavizVR, and many others, do this type of stuff to help users get a better feel for large amounts of data. Then, one could literally sort through the roots of one’s family tree and get to ancestors. Lines that see a lot of action or research could appear red while cooler roots would appear blue. The colors can be shaded as well to give a full spectrum of activity. One can spend a lot of time working on a certain line, but it is hard to find other ancestors sometimes even when searching for them as certain names are just very popular and the results are long to sort through. As such it would be neat to be able to place nodes/notes on the virtual roots on certain relatives as well. That way when one is digging through the roots they can see not only colors, but nodes that were left. is a great tool for genealogy, but it is in 2D and opening up family trees from even a few generations on one page gets too clustered, even in a fan mode view. A 3D method would bring (literally) a whole new angle to the largest past time in the world. What are your thoughts? Is FamilySearch already working on something like this?
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