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I’m Grateful

!!Microfilm images to view at the touch of a button!! What joy :)

My heart rejoices in extreme felicity at this time! I know that we are living in a time where things can be accessed quickly but I really did not expect to have the opportunity of viewing microfilm images at the touch of a button, on my own computer, and freely accessed?!!! The spirit of Elijah within me sings praises to this wonderful miracle! I just discovered this as I was seeking to order a microfilm from SLC and read that I can now view its images online !!!! Thank you --THANK YOU-- THANK YOU to all of those who served as instruments to make this possible for you have blessed my life, the lives of my ancestors and I am undoubtly sure that of the lives of infintely more :) !!! Having been working in this great cause for the short period of 10 years, and merely being 25 years of age, this furthered step of technalogical advancement in genealogy makes me wonder what other things does the future have in store while I have the chance to further my family work!!! "THANK YOU" - is what I wish to shout from the highest mountain peaks so that the whole universe can hear... as you have served the Lord greatly who in turn has allowed for me to experience this humbling feeling of great joy :) -With immense love, from your sister and friend, Sonia Planas (