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A life changed forever...

Hi! I have gone to the FamilySearch building a couple times now and every time it is just amazing! I wanted to share with you a story that just happened in June. My sister and brother-in-law were visiting Utah with their family so we took them around temple square. We went to the FH museum and had such a blast. My brother-in-law had a contact of an individual given to him from doing the DNA testing that said they were closely related, but he had never reached out to them. While at the FH museum he had the strongest impression to email that person. So he sat down right then and there and sent them a message. His mom was adopted and knew only a few things about her biological parents. Well turns out that this person my brother-in-law wrote is the daughter of his mom's biological sister. They set up a time for his mom and his (new) aunt to talk on the phone for the very first time!! It was emotional and just incredible. She is now in contact with tons of family from her biological parents and is learning so much about their history. She has a trip planned to go to Florida and meet a large portion of her family. The prompting my brother-in-law got that day in the FH museum has changed his mother's life. So thank you for the great work you do!
Jessie Probst