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A Suggestion for the Catalog

I hope this is the right place for me to offer my suggestion. It is concerning a group of films in the library. I am a missionary serving here at the Family History Library. I was helping a guest locate a naturalization record. We were able to find the index card from a database in The index provided the record number as P-17888, Superior Court Cook Co. Ill. Usually it is straightforward from the index card to the record but this time it was a little complicated. The record was in Cook County Illinois Naturalization Record group. The record was found the Superior Court records, "Naturalization Petitions and Records 1906-1929," film number, 1,288,966. The whole record set is organized in volumes but it is not until the roll of film is placed on the film reader that the user can determine if the desired record number is in the selected volume. It would be helpful if the record numbers were part of the information provided in the catalog. It would also be helpful if under film notes it stated that the volumes are organized by years as well as odd number documents and even number document. Just thought I would pass this on in case it would be something you would want to add to the catalog for the next person. Thank you for all you do for us. The library is my favorite place to be!
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