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I’m disappointed

a composite person. I can give you many more examples of how the "Ancestryal File Record" is compounding errors like OneWorldTree did.

The computer-sweep program that you're using to get this "Ancestral File Record" picks up mistakes. There is no person who matches this person. Someone combined two separate people. Is it fair to offer this combination as one person? The son of Catherine Kintner died in 1860 in Ashland Co, OH. The guy who married Margaret died in 1842 in Muskingum. Someone mixed up two guys and people have copied the mistakes and your computer sweep picked them up and is going to add to even more wrong Family Trees. There are currently 26 Public Member Trees and 6 Private Trees (of course backed up by OneWorldTree) that have this mixup. I don't suppose there's any way to fix it is there.

name: Jacob ONSTOTT
gender: Male
birth: 1785 May

death: 1842 Aug 21
Meigs, Muskingum, Oh
burial: Oakland Meth Cem, Muskingum, Oh
afn: 1XV5-K8W

father: George ONSTOTT (afn: KQV3-R5 )
mother: Catherine KINTNER (afn: 125M-2V1 )

Marriages (1)
spouse: Margaret (afn: 1XV5-K94 )
marriage: 1805 Bef
, Allegheny, Pa
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  • I’m thankful
    Ancestral File is an o-l-d collection that has many such mistakes included. On the other hand, it has some excellent hints on names and places. In other words, it's a mixed bag. But there is good news! When is released, probably the end of the year, it includes windows to Add an opinion and to Edit records. You will need to source your comments, and hopefully give contact information. At least, that is our understanding, but who will complain about that?
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