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Ability to Search Digital Images by FHL microfilm/fiche number (not via catalog)

I am the process of recording, in my genealogy program, all the microfilms/fiche I have researched in the last 30+ years. I am entering from all the old Microfilm/fiche order forms. Almost done. Whew, it's been a task!

I am seaching the catalog by film/fiche number to verify I am entering the correct information for each film/fiche. Sometimes it says in the catalog (this is just an example) "New York, Probate Records are available online, click here", but if I go to the county in question, the film I am interested in is not there (time period different). I am usually trying to reverify some information from that microfilm while entering the films I have searched.

It would be nice if there was some way to search the records that have been digitized, by microfilm/fiche number. I don't care if it is indexed, I just want to get to the record I looked at in a speific microfilm and usually have a reference (ie vol, pg), so I can page through the images. To reorder films is costly.

Maybe on the main search page (Records, Discover Your Family History), a Search for microfilm/fiche number could be added??

I would just like to be able to go to specific film number if it has been digitized. If there is a way & I missed it please let me know. Going through the catalog does not tell me if a specific film is digitized and link to the film.

Hope this makes some sense. Thanks. Welcome any input.
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