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Accessing Oklahoma Probates Records in browsable records from Catalog

When accessing these records from the Catalog the Sequoyah County records are not listed in the geographical listing of the counties. To find out how to access these records is a extremely round-about way of doing it. You do the "click here" from Catalog then need to look at "Learn More" which takes you to a Wiki article and then after glancing through almost the entire article you have to click on another linked Wiki article with "Known Issues" which explains where the records are found. "The records for Sequoyah County have been misplaced under the waypoint Stephens County"
Good grief!!! What an exercise in using the internet!!!

Could be done much more simply. In the geographic list of the counties add Sequoyah County with the Stephens County. "Sequoyah & Stephens."

This was way too much to have to do to find these records. Keep it simple!!!

Hopefully there aren't a lot of these out there!
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