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Add field-specific contextual help (enhancement request)

My experience is that training videos and help files are not all that effective. Users do not want to wade through a file or video to get to the relevant topic. They do not want to read a novel. They want the Cliff Notes.

It is my belief that...
Brevity is the key! Anything beyond a few words is wasted;
If the user has to read a help file, there may be something wrong with the UI design.

What I propose is to (a) make each field name clickable, or (b) have a link (e.g. a graphical blue 'i') next to each field name. Clicking on/hovering over it it causes help to display that applies only to the field. The help would display a very brief instruction as to how and when to use a given field and might contain a link that takes the user to a document with an in-depth explanation.
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