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Add name to "Alternate Name" section from the"Merge" page

When I am reviewing a merge, I want to have the option to add the name from one profile to the "alternate name" section of the profile of the person who is going to stay (instead of having to choose between the current options of 1) Clicking "replace" to replace one name with the other 2) Clicking "reject" to keep the existing name of the person who is going to stay.
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  • Before searching for possible duplicates, I fully source and document the person, including noting all possible A.K.A.s in Other Information. That way, merges are relatively easy, since all the names are already covered.

    If a strange name shows up in a possible duplicate record, that raises a flag for me and I'll take the time to do an in depth check on the possible duplicate to make sure the weird name is valid.

    If the name is valid, then it is likely that the possible duplicate is not a duplicate.
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