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Add links from catalog reference to online books

If the Family History Library has a particular book but it is not available on line, it may be available from another online source, like google books. It would be a great service for the Catalog to add a link to that other source so reader could read that book on line.
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  • Sara,

    This is a very interesting suggestion. After doing some research in google book myself, I was amazed at what is there. This would be a project and require much volunteer time: to search the book out and determine if digitized and the site is free of any costs and then attach a link.

    At our website you can type in the search box "digitized books" and get references by article or you can type in "Buy, Borrow a book" and get internet links and information how to purchase the book, what libraries have the book, etc.

    We also, have a Digitize Request Form that can be filled out by the patron to have a book in the Family History Library Collection digitized. This form is available through the Family History Center and can be a process that will take a lot of time because of other priorities in digitizing works.

    The BYU library website also has digitized books readily available. Here again more searching time is needed to determine where and free use.

    This suggestion certainly is a possibility and our engineers will definately consider your request. Please continue to use our Beta site and give us your input and concerns. Thanks!!
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