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Adding notes to film images. Call up images by film number.

I'm really enjoying the new Family Search and the option to view images of old church records.
I mainly use the Mexican Catholic Church records, and wanted to share some concerns and ideas.

The records are organized in the following format:
State > City > Name of Church > Type of Registry and Year

I've run into a few instances where the Year didn't truly reflect the image content.
(Baptisms 1876-1881 actually extend to 1885.)

I also see there were issues when the books were being filmed.
(Book was missing a year. Pages were out of order. Pages from other years were mixed in.)

I'd like to see an option to attach user notes to individual Registries, rather than have to look up a separate forum to share those findings. Possibly add a rating system so others can verify the accuracy of the notes.

I'd also like to see an option to call up images by their film number.
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  • You can now search by film number. Changes are being made as quickly as the programers can implement them. Thank you for taking the time to share your idea for improving the FamilySearch website. This system allows everyone to view the ideas of others and to vote on the ideas they like best. The ideas with the most votes do tend to get the most attention, but our product managers carefully review all the ideas. Please keep in mind that regardless of votes, some ideas may never be implemented. Many factors are reviewed to determine whether an idea should be implemented. Also note that some ideas take a long time to implement. We appreciate your contribution and hope that you will continue to share your ideas with us.
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