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ADDRESS Correction. PLACE NAME: Forest Lawn Cemetery. Now=Horningsea Park,NSW,Australia. S/B=1629 Camden Valley Way,Leppington,NSW,Australia

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Place Names (Database) Team

Possible "Address" Correction to 'Place Name':

Place Name: Forest Lawn Cemetery

Address Currently = Horningsea Park, New South Wales, Australia.

Address should Possibly be = 1629 Camden Valley Way, Leppington, New South Wales, Australia

'Google' Maps:

As far as I am aware, "Horningsea Park", is a Suburb right next to that were the Cemetery is located; but, the Cemetery is actually located in the Suburb of "Leppington".

If you concur, could you please amend and update the "Address" in the "Place Names" Database for "Forest Lawn Cemetery".

'Thank You' in advance.

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