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Attaching sources to Family Tree from the FHL catalog

The new catalog enables you to search for surnames and locate family histories. Many of these histories have been digitized, so I would like to attach these catalog items as sources for individuals in my Family Tree. The only way I can do this is by manually creating a source and pasting the link to the catalog item. Catalog items usually reference more than one individual, so I would have to create a manual source for each individual referenced. Moreover, if the URL for the catalog item is changed in the future, I would have to update the link manually once I discover the link is broken.

It would be very helpful to add a feature that enables you to attach a catalog item as a source directly from the catalog section. This will help automate the process and encourage better sourcing and collaboration. Perhaps the source could be saved in the Source Box so it can be attached easily to multiple individuals.

The digitized histories are a powerful tool for uncovering stories about our ancestors. Thanks for your help in making them more accessible.
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