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Audio tour guide for a place or location

Hello, have you ever considered creating an app that users could use to create an audio tour guides? There are quite a few of these available commercially, but I could see where having the ability for a family historian to create one of these that could be hosted on Family Search would allow someone to be able to do a tour of a community or place and listen to recorded audio clips made by the family historian. I've been experimenting with the commercial apps to record tours for family members of places where ancestors lived (even having different family members record the script). The user could then visit those locations in person or just from their home listen to the different audio recordings. If one of these already exists on your website, can you point me to it? I know there is the ability to record an audio memory, but I guess what I'm thinking of is more a series for a tour. Thanks for your consideration and insight.
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  • Apps of this nature are best left to others, largely because FamilySearch has very limited resources and there is yet a lot to do to complete the site software. There are many features that are needed.

    As to recording audio and editing it, if you have an iOS mobile device, you can record interviews with people, edit using various software packages, some of which are open source, and then upon load the mp3 recording in the person's memory.

    Use an internet search engine to find suitable software to do what you want to do.
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