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I’m tired of wasting time

Auto-sort tab for souces

I really like the dates on the source page. However, I would like to also see a button that would automatically sort by date instead of having to drag them. This is time consuming if there are a lot of sources.
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  • Look at your user interface more carefully next time before posting about something that is already in place.
    • David,

      Your response didn't really provide poor Rebecca with an answer :-)

      Now you know as well as I that these changes are never announced. And that stupid little Sort button is really difficult to spot initially. And when the first thing that you see when opening the source list is things that look really different, it's harder yet to notice such a small item when you are looking at all the sources themselves. I missed it big time. It's just another thing where users aren't given enough information on changes.

      And you and I are typically on the system daily. We see these things as they happen. Many people only have the time to come on for short periods with many days (or weeks) in between. For those people, EVERY SINGLE TIME they log on they will see significant changes (which is a really sad state of affairs if you ask me).


      What you are asking for is already there. In fact, the reasons those new "Event Dates" have been added is specifically so that the source list CAN be sorted chronologically, and it is done using those new date fields.

      Look at the top of the sources list page and you'll see a little toggle button that you can click on to either view the sources the way they used to be (with drag and drop organizing), or you can view them sorted Chronologically by those new "Event Date" fields.

      Oh, and by the way, you may have to keep checking to see that it is set to where you want because there are currently some bugs in the works that can make it change when you are not expecting
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  • Rebecca, many users have been confused by this change, even very experienced users. So you are right to bring it up as it is still a concern. Here's a screen shot to find that new "Sort Sources" view option.
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