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Barrage of records attributed to LDS Membership creating problematic situations

I have recently found a barrage of sparse, non-standardized records with no sources or documentation dropped into my ancestor’s families and attributed to LDS Membership or Family Search as if that was sufficient documentation.

Why is the program accepting these very sparse records usually with only birth information and a link to some parents attributed to LDS Church Membership Records which should have precise birth information if it is really a legitimate membership Record. People would expect that information coming from a source such as LDS Membership Records would be reliable and would at least be submitted in the standard format; but I have learned from experience that when it is imprecise it is a highly questionable guess and quite often inconsistent with other records for the individual named in the record. These records clearly do not conform to the features expected of a legitimate Church Membership Record and should not be submmited by that agency giving the impression that it might be credible or infallible.

Such records create a duplicate record for individuals which may create new available temple ordinances, or if they have been done they are listed only as ‘completed’ with no date or place associated with the ordinance. ???

If the duplicate records needing to be merged both have LDS Church Membership Records associated with them then the records cannot be merged at this time by a patron even after the information in the faulty LDS Membership attributed record has been corrected in accordance with reliable documentation. If they can be merged then the program forces the merger to put the sparse questionable record attributed to LDS Membership Records with no sources or notes into the primary position so that all the information in the well documented record with multiple submitters has to be shifted over into the record to be retained. When this is done the submitter information associated with each piece of information shifted over is dropped and replaced by the contact information for the person merging the records who usually had no part in the research behind the submission and does not deserve to be recognized for any of the comments in the personal information data or notes associated with that person. This is a great injustice. Personally, I do not want my name attached to somebody else’s diligent research. Fortunately that is not a problem with sources which retain the identities of the person who attached them; but the same should be the case for Notes which often contain references to relationships peculiar to the person submitting the Note and the name of another patron performing a merge should not appear associated with those Notes.

If these problematic records are being sprinkled in to Family Tree from the now defunct new.familysearch records, then I suggest that the submitter be identified as NSF instead of LDS Church Membership so that a user will know that the record must be scrutinized very carefully for accuracy and identified as a possible duplicate for an individual who already has an accurate record in Family Tree. And if the sparse record in question has nothing new to add to the existing sourced record (and I have yet to find one that did) let it be discarded without having to change any of the attributions in the documented record.
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