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I’m Frustrated

Beginner German Research

I'm new to German research and the consultants don't know that. Why aren't the card catalog's in English also so we don't have to keep asking. A quick map of the area you are researching would help, since I don't read German nor know the areas at all. If a record has Hanover, Germany, Prussia, it is all the same to me. The place names book if you can't read them do me no good. I would even pay for someone to sit with me for a couple of hours just to get me started. I have taken classes, I have sat with consultants and I appreciate their efforts, but when you actually have to do it, it is mind numbing. I guess no one should assume they are working with a seasoned researcher and ask, at what level they are. I do appreciate the people who have helped me and I know they are busy.
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  • Catalog records are written in the language of the records being described. You will have to be able to read the language to read the records themselves. The place names are typically the actual names that appear in the record. However, the catalog record will usually include a summary note in English, and the locality topics are also in English. Often you can find maps in the FamilySearch Wiki. Links to the Wiki can be found not in the catalog, but in the Search for the place you are searching. You may want to get someone with language expertise to help you.
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