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I’m frustrated

Beta Catalog Search Poorly Done

Catalog search poorly done. Especially not having the related areas feature. It "wasnt broke so why fix it " is sort of the general comment. It seems you are trying to design it for non-thinking, non-scholars, those who dont want to spend time and effort to prepare their knowledge of an area so they can make correct decisions as they look at what records are avaliable. Sort of a copy of ''s global search where hundreds of sort of similar links are dumped on the inquirer. I would say leave the catalog alone - It's not broke. Which makes me wonder if any of the programers have ever done quality research? If so ask them to look at this mess.
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  • Douglas,

    The catalog search you see today is nothing more than the framing and ductwork on a room in this house which is still incomplete.

    We will be finishing this portion of the site with a design that will provide all the features of the old catalog search and do it in a way that improves on the overall experience. Until development timelines allow us to finish out the catalog search implementation the plan is to leave the old catalog search accessible for those who rely on it.

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