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I’m disgruntled, but a little better after this morning's response from your rep.

Beta has a long way to go to equal Pilot in usefulness

You need to incorporate some of the features from Pilot: search for a surname by exact spelling or exact and close; let the patron choose the time period, don't make us choose a preset span of years; let us choose the area, down to the town or township, by county (or list multiple counties, a small improvement over Pilot#, by state, nation, etc.; it would also be helpful if we could choose other geographical areas #in my case the Western Reserve of Connecticut in Ohio needs to be recognized by the service#; the fields should be able to recognize and list options as characters are typed in #both preset options and previously requested options would be helpful); and refining a search should be easier to save typing and scrolling down, display the fields that were used in the previous search and provide a button to expand any given area upon request. Let us choose to view data from all resources or data from one or more of a list of resources. Also, keep those links to images of the original records. People who know what they are looking at won't mistake "Ardelia" for "Kendeld" (this is an actual error I discovered in a transcription). This should bring Beta up to the level of usefulness of Pilot. I'm likely to have more thoughts on the matter, but this is a good start. In the mean time, please don't take Pilot away from us.
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  • Thank you for your suggestions; they will be considered carefully by our engineers.We expect our new site to be wonderful as it develops. We can tell you from our own experiance that although different from Record Search , the new beta site is very powerful. Once the good features that were part of Record Search are in place, the beta site will far surpass it's predecessor.
    Some of the old extractions will eventually be replaced. Meanwhile, many people are finding valuable information on our far-from-perfect-but -getting-better site.
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