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I’m delighted!

Beta Is Much Better than Pilot

I think the Beta search is much better. It is easier to read the results and the advanced search gives us a better chance of locating the ancestor we are seeking. The results for a particular ancestor are good, too, given that the images are not yet available. It is important to know an individual's occupation, as well as to see the other members of the household. Finally, I agree with other users that we need to be able to make corrections. It is easy to see how errors are made when you look at the enumerators' handwriting; it took me forever to find my grandfather, Roy Dennis, in 1900, when the last name was transcribed as Denuro! Overall you are doing a GREAT job. I wish I had more time to devote to indexing.
  • I’m excited
    Thank you for your feedback we really appreciate it.

    A feature is being engineered that will accept corrections / additions to the searchable index. When that feature is in place, both the original index and the correction to the index will be searchable, thus preserving the ability to view original indexes and images as well as providing a means to accept corrections and/or additions.
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