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I’m frustrated

Beta - Stay with the Pilot Site Search Interface

Pilot site searches are easier and more complete than Beta. Clicking on the map on the Beta site is missing the hotspot links to drill down to locations. Search results do not include the birth, marriage, death dates in the results list like they do in Pilot which means we have to click forever trying to find the results we hoped to find if we don't know the parent or spouse name. There needs to be a division in the results ... i.e. These match pretty close. Horizontal line ... These have a lower match percentage listed below the line. The search field placements on the Beta site are terrible. Why do we have to scroll up and down the screen to populate the fields? Use the Pilot field placements that on together at the top of the page ... no scrolling required. The "Close, Exact Partial" filters on Pilot are missing on Beta ... This is a ugly miss by the developer. The list can go on but why take the time to list them? Rather, have real users sit with your page developer and use the two search pages side by side in their personal data searches. They'll recommend the Pilot search fields and access - every time - or so have the 10 folks I've asked to do the comparison.

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