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I’m frustrated

Broken links

Links on the page result in a 404 error
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this problem
    I’m hopeful
    C. Harris, it looks like those links to the other articles were deleted because they were duplicates. To fix this, you could:

    - Search in the wiki to see if you can find the new pages, then edit the page above to fix the links (I looked but couldn't find them)
    - If you can't find them, contact some of the contributors of this page to see if they would be willing to add to those pages:

    1. Click on History at the top of the page
    2. Under "Compare Selected Revisions" in the middle of the screen, after the dates on each line, note that it shows the username of those who worked on this page.
    3. Click on the "Talk" link after the username
    4. Click on "Edit" at the top of the page (it will ask you to sign in if you aren't signed in already)
    5. Feel free to ask your question in the Edit window.
    6. Save the page

    This will send an email to that contributor.

    I hope that helps!
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