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Clarification on written years prior to 1751 January through March

There needs to be clarification on dates for English and Welsh records prior to 1751 when the new year started on March 25th instead of January 1st. I know these are not the only records with clarification needed on the year to list. There is significant conflict among indexers and arbitrators on whether to list the year that it should be or the written year which creates discrepancies in the completed work.
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  • This is a bug in FS-FamilyTree as well, including for USA records. When persons or 3rd-party programs write in correctly-represented dates such as 24 January 1684/5, the program fails to recognize the date at all.

    In addition, the FS-FT does not recognize genealogical-standard dates such as 24 Jan 1773 and utilize them to sort children in order of birth date. One must wait for the sloooooow program to give a drop-down for a date selection "24 January 1773" for the user to ~click on~ to select and *change* the date as typed in. Only then does the program recognize the date for sorting purposes. Usually the program does not first give the drop-down to click on. It usually just displays the green box for "standard" with the long-form date. This does not change the written-in date, and the program still does not recognize the date for sorting purposes. Only if one clicks a drop-down does the program use it for sorting. The program does not recognize the user input even if the long-form is typed in; one must still wait for the drop-down for a date to click on. Many hundreds of times have I had to make a change in the typed-in date to get the drop-down to appear at all.
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