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Consultant Planner Lesson Plans

As a consultant we create many lesson plans for our patrons, but when we delete a patron from our list we lose all the plans. It would be nice if there were a way to save those plans in the consultant planner so we could use them again for another patron
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    After you go back into your Consultant Planner for that patron and see the plan you had saved, click it. It will open back up. Then click "Print" in the upper left corner. If Chrome is your browser, in the upper left you will see "Destination". Then under your default selected printer, select "Change". Then select "Save as PDF" instead of your printer.

    Alternatively for other browsers, you can install a PDF print driver such as "PDF-XChange Lite v6", then select that as your destination printer.

    It will then ask you for a PDF file to save it into. Then if you open that PDF file, you can copy whatever you want into your favorite editor such as WORD. I usually do a screen shot of the top Find-Take-Teach color banner, and put that into the top of my WORD file.
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