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Consultant training

Consultant training- I would like to suggest the return of a training site/feature for Family Tree that would be made available for the hands-on practice-training of new ward and stake consultants and others. This previously was known as the simple sandbox in Family Tree which was previously available but is not now available. This would allow the consultants or others who are learning to use Family Tree to 1st train in a forum which does not affect the Family Tree itself, but has exercises available to practice. The training could include 'Finding and Merging Duplicates', 'Fixing Relationships and Merging records in Family Tree' etc, etc. As was stated for simple sandbox, "simple sandbox offers a safe place to practice, one or more times, fixing family relationships because you are not actually working in FT". As with simple sandbox, fictitious PID records were already in the sandbox, and names were already in the sandbox (Robert and Rachel Sandiman and Henry Sandiman). Training was then given to work with those PID names. The offering of as a sandbox or teaching site does not meet to the same level the functionality for hands-on training which a 'simple sandbox' type site offers. The purpose for the beta site is to allow FamilySearch engineers to work on updates to the production website. Therefore its primary purpose is for the engineers, not for the training of consultants and other end users. I would suggest that such a training simple sandbox, with the hands-on teaching/training lessons it can be used for, would be a very helpful feature moving forward.
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  • "It's data has recently been updated and any changes on beta don't affect the production tree." source - joe martel

    This will get you to beta -

    Best to use a different browser. If you are using Chrome all the time for your production - go to Firefox or Microsoft Edge to use
    • Don

      It would appear from his original post that 'Glenn', both, knows how to get to (ie. Access); and, is well aware of and how to use, the "Beta" ("Test") Environment.

      As has been explained by some regular participants in this Forum, the "Sand Box" was a Tool from a time period long time ago.

      'Glenn' has simply requested the re-implementation of the "Sand Box" as a Training tool (with set-up scenarios), for (Church - Stake/Ward/Branch) "Temple and Family History Consultants" and others, to practice and learn from.

      The "Beta" ("Test") Environment is a 'Test' environment, mainly for acceptance testing; and, certainly NOT with any set-up scenarios, for Training or leaning purposes.

      Just some thoughts.

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