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I’m hopeful to have the spelling can be corrected.

Correction needs to be made.

Concerning the death certificate for Edward Zezelka, who died 10 August 1926 -- please note that the last name should be spelled ZEZULKA rather than Zezelka. This boy was my grandmother's nephew and I am positive of the spelling. Thank you for providing the opportunity to report this so your records can be corrected.
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  • Dear Carol Schroeder,

    Thank you for contacting us about the incorrect spelling of Edward Zezelka.

    We are sorry but we are not making changes to the existing data during the beta (engineering and design) stage of FamilySearch, however, a feature is being engineered that will accept corrections / additions to the searchable index. When that feature is in place, both the original index and the correction to the index will be searchable, thus preserving the ability to view original indexes and images as well as providing a means to accept corrections and/or additions.

    Please keep looking to see when this features appears. We wish you much success in your search for your ancestors.
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