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Customisable Pedegree Colours


Could you please allow users to customise the colours that appear on the fan chart or at least change the colours to be more distinguishable?

When looking at the sources or countries of origin, because it predominately uses shades, it's hard to identify if a name has 0 or 1-4 or more sources attached to it. Usually we stay within the realm of 1-4 (being a birth cert., marriage cert., and a death certificate). It's hard from a glance to notice how many sources are attached?

If possible, it'd also be good to specify the range of colours. For instance, if I wanted to know how many people only had 1, 2 or 3 records, as opposed to bunching them up together. knowing which people have 6+ records is kind of useless in the grand scheme of things in my opinion, as opposed to know they have a lot of census data, usually provided by the Record Hints Feature.

So if the user can set the parameters and colours which allows them to easily see where sources are required, as opposed to having to click on each name individually, that would be a MAJOR help and feature!

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