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India Records descriptions are not accurate

The description of the records for Births and Baptisms (15849600), Marriages(1584967), Deaths and Burials (1584968) say :Index entries derived from digital copies of originals housed in various repositories throughout India. Each entry in this index has a source listed. The index may be a compilation of records from a variety of sources, including the following: Family Records; Church Records: Civil Registration
Firstly, none of the records I have looked at have a source listed, although there is a microfilm number. Secondly , every microfilm number I have checked has been a record from the India Office Collection at the British Library in London and as far as I am aware, all the data in these sets of records is derived from this source
So from my point of view the description of the records is completely inaccurate, although it’s terrific to have the records. I request that the description of the records given be amended to accurately reflect the contents.
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  • When this problem is addressed, is it possible to be quite specific about the description of the records, particularly about the records from the British Library India Office.so that the particular India Office catalogue reference is quoted, as there are vast categories of records in the India Office collection. Alternatively , list the microfilm numbers whose records are included in the beta site (although there would be a lot of microfilm numbers!)

    As an example , I am currently trying to find out whether the India records on the beta site include the data from "Roman Catholic returns of baptisms, marriages and burials, 1835-1856" whose microfilm numbers are set out in this link
    http://fsbeta.familysearch.org/s/cata... (I will make this into a separate topic)

    We need to know what records are included so that we can attempt to try and access elsewhere the ones which aren't included in the beta site.

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