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Detached Source displays WRONG reason statement

I just detached a source from Anna Maria Roth LZ2H-X4Q. When I detached it, I wrote the following reason statement:

"This source should be attached to Anna Maria Zipf K2QR-QJY and not to Anna Maria Roth LZ2H-X4Q. Anna Maria Roth LZ2H-X4Q was born in 1641 and could not have borne a child in 1709 as she would have been too old."

When I check the change log for Anna Maria Roth LZ2H-X4Q, I see that my reason statement has been changed to "SAME PERSON."

How could this be??? That is NOT the reason statement I wrote.

Not only is it NOT the reason statement I wrote, but it makes no sense; SAME PERSON is not a logical reason statement for detaching a record, and I never write my reason statements in all caps.

How could this have happened??

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