Discussions... question as to what will be allowed and suggestion.

First I would like to thank you for good timely responses you my questions. You have been great. Ok for the question:
I see you have a Document section that you plan on making available in Photos...
What type of files will be allowed to be uploaded for this section? docx? pdf?
(PDF would keep the size down...)

Or are you looking at more picture files, like .jpg files of birth certificates or death certificates?

It may be really neat to be able to upload a .pdf file about a family or event and have all the photos and text supporting and explaining that family or event (or place) without having to chase down other photos. Example:one could place a birth and death certificate for a person with pictures of certificates and photos of those involved with the supporting text.. . or even for a whole family. Then tag each person involved in Family Tree. This method might eliminate a lot of photos needed.
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