Do I need to change the PID number for a person if it was changed?

Do I need to change the PID number for a person if it was changed? There was a problem with another person adding my deceased father's information to my family tree. My father had two PID. It has taken two weeks for FamilySearch to straighten this out. Now he has a new PID. Do I need to change his PID in Photos?
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  • I would say, check and see. Go to your People page, then click on your father. This will take you to his person page. If he has been linked to the tree, his tree data will show up in the upper right corner in a green box.

    In the green box, click on his name in blue, and this will take you to the tree. If it takes you to the right person, you don't need to change it.

    If it takes you to the wrong person, go back to person page for your father, and unlink your father from the tree (Click the X on the right side of the green box.)

    You will then get the option to link your father to the tree. If the right person shows up on the search results, select him. Otherwise, open a new browser to FamilyTree, find your father, and copy and paste his PID into the Name or Person ID on the Photos person page, click "Search" Select the one name that is returned.
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