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E-mail scam or What !!!!

I received the following e-mail - Did Family Search really approve this?? Is this a scam??? They ask a question "have gone a vacation outside the United States in the last year." Also see "donate gift card to Mormon Church". There are several red flags about this.

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Sent: Wed 5/02/12 10:49 AM

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Dear Barbara Clasen, I am contacting you from International Insights, an independent market research company located in California, USA. We would be most grateful if you could spare some time to assist us in completing an online survey sponsored by Family Searchregarding your use of online genealogy websites. The survey should only take about 20-30 minutes to complete. As our way of saying thank you, if you qualify and complete the survey we will send you a $50 gift card within 2 weeks after you complete the survey or you may donate your $50 incentive to the Mormon Church.You will know if you qualify if you are allowed to continue the survey after the first 8-10 questions. Please be assured that all your responses will be kept strictly confidential and used for research purposes only. Please use the following link to start the survey (you may click it or copy and paste it into your web browser address box): If you have any questions about the survey please feel free to call 1-800-445-2382 and ask for Michael Castro. To verify that this is a legitimate request and our credentials, feel free to visit our website at international-insights.comto learn more about us. Thank you in advance for your participation in this important survey. Michael CastroDirector of Research
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