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I’m confused or at least the patrons are

Eliminate confusion over which library the catalog is for

It would be helpful if people knew that 'Library Catalog' means the catalog of the big library in Salt Lake. I have been a director for several years and find that the most common interpretation of 'library catalog' is that it is the catalog of the nearest family history center. I must have explained this concept thousands of times over the years. I suggest that the title be changed to 'Salt Lake Library Catalog'. I realize this may seem radical, but assure you that it would greatly help communication.
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  • Sharon,

    Historically the library catalog has represented only collections held in the Family History Library in SLC and your recommendation would make perfect sense. However, we are in the process of adding to the catalog the holding of our new regional centers around the world and have plans to add the holdings of each individual family history center.

    In the old catalog there is a new location button that will tell you where an item is held. the new catalog on beta will shortly be redesigned and include this capability as well.

    We will be changing the name to FamilySearch Catalog so that it represents it's broader offerings.

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