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I’m frustrated

Eliminate the "Faded" font look

within the past year many, many websites have started using "faded fonts," as well as tiny fonts. Some are so dim the elderly and others with less than 20/20 vision have a hard time reading, especially since smaller font size also seems to be the trend.

Thanks for all the good work everyone does.

Larry K Bond

If there is too much light, or a little glare it is very frustrating. It was on the login page of Beta FS, as well as on this page. Laptops and other flat screens are worse.

Just look on the "Feedbak and Community Supprt" page at all the TINY FADED TEXT.

Family History can be very hard for some people. don't make it even more harder by using text that is hard to read.

The Website developers have done a good job at creating web pages that are clean and uncluttered, but at the expense of ease of use. The are likely younger and have better eyes than many that really want to find their ancestors but get frustrated with small print.
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