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Enable Helper login on Tree API through 3rd party programs

Please enable users to login to the Tree as Helpers through 3rd party software such as RootsMagic, Legacy, and Ancestral Quest. In other words, please enable Helper functionality on the FamilySearch Tree API.

Last night I "upgraded" my 3rd party program because the newest version is certified to work with the Tree. When I tested it, I found I can't sign in as a Helper as I could with the older version. I emailed the program's tech support team, who replied that the reason for this is that the new version interacts with the Tree whereas the older version interacts with New FamilySearch, and the Tree's API, unlike that of the NFS API, does not include a Helper function.

Since the Helper function is even more critical to my success helping engage my ward in family history than any improvement the Tree has made over NFS, tonight I'm going to have to revert to my older copy of the 3rd party software and use it with NFS and forget about my shiny new software that interacts with the Tree. I'll also fill a few feature gaps with another 3rd party program that certified with NFS but hasn't certified with the Tree.

I sure hope FamilySearch adds the Helper feature to the Tree API soon so I can start using programs that are Tree-certified.
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