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Enhancement, Request: Change DESCRIPTION field, for CUSTOM FACT, within OTHER INFO Section, from Single Line style field, to Box style field

Please Change the "Description" field for a "Custom Fact" within the "Other Information" Section, from a Single Line style field that has no format, to a Box style field that has format.

The type of "Box" style field that I suggest is exactly like that currently used in "Family Tree" in, either, (1) the "Life Sketch"; and/or, (2) the "Notes".

The reason I make this request is that the actual result of any text, going over one line, in the current Single Line style field that has no format, is displayed differently in different Browsers.

I noted while "Testing", that utilizing more than one line of text, that multi-line text is displayed significantly differently in different Browsers.

I was "Testing" in (the latest version of) 'Google' "Chrome" with "Windows 10"; and, "Entered" (and formatted, without 'Line'/'Paragraph' Breaks) sufficient "Text" to go over a number of 'Lines'; then, "Saved" the record.

The result was correctly displayed in the Browser of 'Google' "Chrome" with "Windows 10" in which the record was created; but, the result was incorrectly displayed (ie. formatted) in (the latest versions of) the Browsers of (1) "FireFox"; and, (2) 'Microsoft' "Edge", with "Windows 10".

And, before there is an outcry form others, it is NOT totally unusual for more than one 'Line' of "Text' to be entered; admittedly, not common; but, it does happen - I was "Testing" for different possibilities.

'Thank You' in advance.

Submitted for your information and consideration.

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