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Family History Library computer problems

Seems the Feedback feature at the FHL is not getting anywhere.

It's been since last Decembeter and 2 major problems continue.

Unique only to Family History Library, all floors' computers have the same problems.

Seems the staff and missionaries there thought they are normal. EXCEPT one group, the Deaf Zone. These missionaries are only who recognized these problems are NOT normal.

Problem #1
Only Firefox browsers are affected. Can not upload any photos or documents normally. Something in the setup lock out the users and will not release unless task manager is used to shut down the browser and the users have to sign in to get back in Family Tree.

Problem #2 is much worse. This showed up beginning last December and this was reported, and nothing was done. Extreme poor server connections (unbelievable slow, leading to frequent disconnections, and longer wait for next steps in any way needed to be done - even source linkers are horrible super slow.) Wait times are anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes at times.

#3 Chrome browser, the connections are frequently disconnecting and reconnecting
so often. You can practically watch the attempts.

FamilySearch Catalog take long time to load up in both browsers no matter what.

It seems the servers serving the Library are in a major need of overhauling in the area of speed connections.
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  • There are a couple of things to keep in mind with the library computers.

    First, they are on a timer. If no action takes place within a certain amount of time, they disconnect from FamilySearch and particularly Family Tree. This is to prevent unwanted entry into the LDS member system, largely because of problems with a certain individual who was entering bogus ethnic names into the system and then claiming that the LDS Church had broken its agreement with the Jewish community. Fortunately, the community was also aware of this action and exonerated the Church for keeping its part of the agreement. The timer feature has never been disabled at the library and it impacts not only library computers, but also all computers that are brought into the library and uses the library's network.

    Second, because of the timer, access to FamilySearch is not the same as access to FamilySearch from outside the library system. Thus, not everything works as it should.

    The Church computer support staff in Salt Lake needs to look into these problems, which means that normal FamilySearch support will need to be bypassed in favor of direct access. Whoever is reporting this may need to contact BYU, or whoever else has direct access to the Church computer support.
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    • Talk with the zone leader in that part of the Library. Also, those on the desk on that floor. Ask them to escalate the problem.

      If you are in the Family History Department or Mission, talk with your direct supervisor, who in the case of the mission, will be the zone leader. They are in the best position to get results.
    • What a hoot! with high turnover in those zones except Deaf Zone, trying to get them to understand the problem is a big problem. The LAs supervisor was never informed of these two problems until I mentioned them several months later. Guess I can tell him feedback didn't do the trick.
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