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Family Search Catalog - New Accessions

Is there any way to find out what new films or digital images have been added to the FHL catalog? In classic library terms, this would be an accessions list. Is there a published FHL accessions list?

I've seen articles regarding the massive effort of scanning films to digital images, and of teams imaging genealogical records around the world. How can one see what has been added to the FHL catalog as a result of these significant efforts?

It would also be helpful if the catalog highlighed any recent (even in the last year) additions to the FamilySearch catalog in the display of results (e.g. for a locality such as "Ohio, Hamilton, Cincinnati").

Currently, a reseacher must inspect every entry (e.g. newspapers, vital records, cemeteries, church records, ...) and rely on memory to hopefully discover if any new films or images are available.

If the accession date were part of a catalog record's metadata, one could look at any topic (e.g. Philadelphia Immigration) or locality (e.g. Oneida, New York) and check for "What's New" to see the most recent catalog additions for any particular topic.
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