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FamilySearch Recovery Email

The email FamilySearch uses to recover accounts, or more specifically, passwords, has a problem that has existed for a long time. The email gives the patron’s username, which is a hyperlink that leads to a page where the patron can reset their password. However, there is no instruction or indication in the email itself that directs the patron that they need to click on their username in order to reset their password.

Many patrons, not realizing that the blue color of the username indicates that it is a hyperlink, are unable to figure out how to reset their password. I work in FamilySearch support, and we regularly receive cases and calls about this issue that would not have come in otherwise. We do not have a way to effectively determine the total number of cases that have come in concerning this issue, but my personal estimate would be somewhere in the thousands.

Simply adding at the end of this email something along the lines of “In order to reset your password, please click on the username provided above”, we would be able to clear up a great deal of confusion, and give us the opportunity to use the time and focus we currently use on these cases to address other issues.

For those who have the ability to view FamilySearch cases, I have provided a few examples; this is not exhaustive, these are merely two example cases that I have personally handled about this issue in the last 24 hours.

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