FamilySearch Photos Upload Guidelines

Many have wondered what criteria the screeners use to approve or restrict photos. Here are the guidelines and rules the screeners use:

Guidelines and rules for screening images uploaded to FamilySearch include the following:

1. Generally, photos should include the faces, or some representation, of people.
1.a. Photos without people should be evaluated closely.
1.a.i. Documents are permitted.
1.b. Photos of animals without people in the photo should be rejected.

2. People in the photos should be dressed modestly.
2.a. No nudity.
2.b. No sheer or revealing clothing.
2.c. Exceptions may include babies depending on the nature of the photo.
2.d. No swimwear.
2.e. No lingerie.
2.f. No explicit or implicit sexual acts of any kind.
2.g. No pornography.
2.h. No focus on or exposure of buttock, breast or genitalia areas.

3. No advertisements. However, background brands in photos with people are acceptable.

4. No product or website endorsements.

5. No profanity.

6. No vulgarity or vulgar gestures.

7. No images of illegal acts, products, or services. This includes drugs.

8. No expressions of hatred.

9. No images of violence or mutilation.

10. No expressions of racism.

11. No promotions of current productions, causes, or charities, etc.

12. All evaluations are on entire uploaded image and not just cropped (or tagged) areas.