FAQ: Who can see my photos? How can I share photos with my family?

All photos uploaded to FamilySearch are public. Anyone can see them without logging in. They can also be returned by a Google search. A family and friends sharing model will be developed later, but for now, every photo uploaded is public.

But how do I share a photo? How will my family see my photos?

When integration with the tree is complete, photos that have been tagged and linked to the tree will be visible from a Photos tab on the FamilyTree Ancestor page (person view). For a peek at the Photos tab in FamilyTree see https://getsatisfaction.com/familysea.... These photos are the same ones that are visible when you click a tagged and linked person on your "People" page.

From the "People" page you can click the PDF icon in the upper right corner and generate a PDF file that includes the portraits and names from your people page that are clickable. This means you can e-mail the PDF to your family and friends, they can click on your "people" and they will see all the photos you uploaded and tagged in FamilySearch Photos.

From any photo page, person page, or album page you can copy the URL in your browser and share it through e-mail or on a website with your family. They can view the photo, person page, or album without logging in.

From a photo there are ways to navigate to other photos. If the photo has tagged people, you can click on the name of the tagged person on the "People in this Photo" list and go to their people page. You can also click on the Albums icon and view the Albums that contain this photo. You can select any of the Albums and view the photos and stories in that album.

In addition there are buttons on the FamilySearch Photos pages to share photos, persons, and albums through Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Other people cannot change your photo, title, or tags, but they can add tags to your photo. (You can delete their tags if you don't want them.) Other people can create their own albums, and when viewing your photo can add your photo to their album. As we develop a better friends and family sharing model, we will be able to enhance our collaboration story.